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Each competitor must have their own account.
Please ask your partner(s) to create one also.

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Additional instructions for the following:
  • It is best for each dancer to have their own account.
  • If it is unrealistic for each child to make their own account, you may be able to list them all in the same account.
  • For now, the last names (surname) must match, otherwise you will need to create separate accounts for them.
  • During registration you can log in to any account and you will be able to search and add them to your form.
  • If you want to handle the entire process for your students, you can apply for a Studio account.
  • However, if your students will be competing independently sometimes, it is best for each student to have their own account.
  • You will still be able to manage their registrations, entries, and tickets by looking up their names during registration.
  • Total balance due is only visible in the account that adds the entries and tickets.
  • You can also invite your students to make an account which gives you more access by providing them a link like this:
Universities/Team Leaders
  • Everyone should make their own account, however if your team will be paying together, you'll want a master account to manage all the entries and finances
  • Make an account for your whole team, ideally using a team email address that doesnt change every year like captains@awesomeSchool.edu.
  • Then send a custom link to all your members which connects their account to the team account, like this:
  • Finally, have a registration party, where someone logs in to the captains account and helps everyone register under that one account.
  • Alternatively, you can skip the party by sharing the captain log in details and having every sign themselves using the captains account.
  • Anyone paying separately, should just use their own account as usual.
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